Max Woodrow and Company now offers our wide range of investigative services to individuals in North Carolina as well as many other locations throughout the United States. By utilizing the same technologies and network established for our corporate and government clientele, Max Woodrow and Company offers cost effective solutions to individuals in need of the following services:

Family Investigations
Unfortunately every family experiences problems at some point in time. If you have questions
about your spouse or child, please contact us for a quick resolution. Max Woodrow & Company discretely handles a variety of family investigations with methods such as surveillance, economical GPS tracking and searches of computers, email and mobile devices. Please contact to discuss an investigative solution to your particular family concern. Click to see a list of indicators that your spouse may be having an affair, and for signs that your child may be using illegal drugs.

Domestic Adoptions
Locating a long lost birth relative can be a difficult task, particularly when dealing with closed adoptions. Max Woodrow & Company's investigators have the experience, resources and connections to help you in your search. Our primary adoption investigator was adopted herself as a baby and has a special passion for reuniting families. If you are searching for a birth parent or child in a foreign country, please visit our overseas adoptions page.

Background Investigations
Max Woodrow & Company is a world class provider of background investigations to federal and local governments and is pleased to offer these services to individuals. Whether you need a routine background investigation on a new household employee or desire a discreet investigation into a new romantic interest, we can offer you a cost effective investigation that will put your mind at ease. All of our background investigators have conducted such investigations for the federal government within the last five years and can offer FBI fingerprint checks and well as routine credit checks with the permission of the person under investigation. Please contact us to discuss you needs and we can customize an investigative package that is right for you.

Services for Crime Victims
With local government budgets being trimmed down, many police agencies have been forced to reduce their manpower and patrol coverage. As former federal agents and police detectives, our experienced investigators assigned to Max Woodrow & Company's legal division can work with you to uncover evidence and witnesses overlooked by overburdened law enforcement agencies. We strongly encourage you to first report crimes to your local police, but we understand that some matters are best kept from public disclosure in official police reports. Utilizing a mix of modern technology and old fashioned police work, we can help recover stolen property, identify guilty parties, obtain confessions and much more.

Missing Persons
Having a loved one disappear is a harrowing experience that leaves many people feeling helpless. While filing a missing person report with your local police department is wise, most departments lack the resources and motivation necessary to bring your loved one home. In 2010 almost 800,000 persons in the United States were reported as missing to law enforcement agencies; this number is expected to exceed 1,000,000 in 2015. The good news is that 90% of these missing persons are eventually found or return home on their own. Working with or without your local police department, Max Woodrow & Company's investigators will research your loved one's behavior pattern by analyzing subjects such as their communications records, hobbies, medical records, spending habits, employment history and other information that may lead to their location. With this information our investigators will begin the field investigation by interviewing the missing person's associates as well as institutions such as charity organizations, government social services, transportation providers and others that may have had contact with your loved one. If you are in this situation, please keep a positive attitude and contact us to discuss how we can help reunite you with your loved one. If you suspect that your missing person is outside of the United States, please see our Overseas Investigations page.

In addition to the above we offer a wide range of investigative services. Please contact us with your individual needs. If Max Woodrow & Company investigators do not have the skill set you need, we will gladly refer you to another agency at no cost.