If you would you like more information about your internationally-adopted child, there is no better place to turn for answers than Max Woodrow & Company. Our International Adoptions staff is led by former US Department of State Consular Officers who specialized in international adoptions and adoption fraud. With Max Woodrow & Company's global network of investigators, we can provide you with valuable information from almost any country. Our USA based senior staff travels abroad frequently to hire only the best investigators around the globe. Max Woodrow & Company's investigators are highly qualified, well trained and culturally sensitive. None of our staff have never been affiliated with any adoptions agency, and give you the facts from a neutral point of view. These men and women have the experience and connections to answer your questions accurately and in a cost effective manner. Having our investigators overseas saves you travel expenses and ensures that the investigator working for you knows the language, culture and laws of that particular country. As an example, our adoption investigators in Ethiopia are native speakers of several of the country's languages and have decades of experience working throughout all regions of the country. Please contact us for help with the following adoption related services:

Post-adoption Investigations
If your referral came with very little information and you would like to know more about your child's first family, Max Woodrow & Company will dispatch trained investigators fluent in the local language of your child's home to find out more. Information gathered will be tailored to your needs, but can include pictures, video and translated interviews with surviving family members; original court documents with translation; and interviews with others in the community. Whether you have specific gaps in your child's story or would just like to know more about the place where she was born, this option is right for you!

Pre-acceptance Investigations
If you would like more information before you accept a referral, our professionals will work quickly to gather the information you need in the country of your child's birth. In many countries, these investigations can include all of the services available above in our post-adoption investigations. Max Woodrow & Company is keenly aware of the sensitivities surrounding pre-acceptance investigations and therefore conducts these types of investigations with the utmost discretion. Note that Pre-acceptance investigations are not available in all countries at this time.

Post-adoption Contact
If you want to continue contact with your child's first family after you complete your adoption, Max Woodrow & Company will ensure that your correspondence is properly translated and promptly delivered.

Why Use Max Woodrow?
We realize you have a choice in who you entrust with your adoptions-related investigation. A few key items about Max Woodrow set us apart from others:

  • Our professional investigators are not and have never been affiliated with any adoption agency. They are independent professionals who will obtain the true and accurate information you desire. You receive a full and uncensored report of findings including contact information for your future follow-up.
  • Our company is a fully licensed and insured private investigation company located in the United States. The firm's clients include the United States government, and key personnel hold security clearances.
  • We provide you with a detailed quotation for your case- financial transparency gives peace of mind.

If you are considering adopting abroad, please visit the US Department of State's official web site.